Lake Juliana Landings Homeowners' Association, Inc.​​​
A Florida Not-For-Profit Organization
The Lake Juliana Landings Office would like you to know that the

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Link to AccuWeather website ---->>>
Link to National Hurricane Center ---->>>
Link to The Weather Channel ---->>>, Spectrum Channel 63
Link to ABC TV, Tampa ---->>> WFTS, Channel 28, Spectrum Channel 11
Link to CBS TV, Tampa ---->>> WTSP, Channel 10
Link to NBC TV, Tampa ---->>> WFLA, Channel 8
Link to FOX TV, Tampa ---->>> WTVT, Channel 13
Link to Spectrum Bay News 9 ---->>> Bay News 9
Link to National Weather Service for 33823 ---->>> NWS
Link to Spectrum Bay News 9 Weather Radar ---->> Bay Area Radar

Lakeland Radio Stations:
     WONN - AM - 1230
     WONN - FM - 107.1
     WLKF - AM - 1430
     WLKF - FM - 96.7
     WPCV - FM - 97.5 - listen live
     WWRZ - FM - 98.3 - listen live
     WWBF - AM - 1130 - listen live
     WWBF - FM - 102.9 - listen live 
The Ledger (newspaper) -

Click HERE for accessing live NOAA radio weather report from Daytona Beach
(on that NOAA page, click upper right arrow to stream audio)
(this is the closest streaming, live weather reporting to Polk County from NOAA)

Want your own NOAA / National Weather Service radio?
Check out this link below to understand more about NOAA / NWS radios.

Click HERE for NOAA/NWS Flyer on Weather Radios

2017 Polk County Public Shelters

Click Link HERE for Shelter Map

Click Link HERE for Polk County and Open Shelter Information

To verify that a particular shelter is open, call Citizens Information Line
(863) 401-2234
Toll Free  (866) 661-0228