Lake Juliana Landings Homeowners' Association, Inc.​​​
A Florida Not-For-Profit Organization

Ladies' Day Out and Ford's Garage =  Fun Time and Good Eats

The September LJL ladies' luncheon was held at the new eatery, Ford's Garage, located just off I-4 and US 98 in Lakeland.  The restaurant known for its prime burgers and craft beers recently opened in Lakeland.  The ladies' bunch is always on the lookout for new digs for their monthly luncheons.
Sandi, Linda, and Donna are glad to see that Happy Hour at Ford's Garage begins at 11 a.m. !!!
It's always a happy time when the 'gals' get together.  Good friendships created by neighbors of LJL.
Chatting, laughing, eating, and a beverage is what the ladies' luncheons are all about.  Good times always with LJL activities.

LJL Ladies:  If you haven't joined us for lunch yet, please join us on the third Wednesday of each month to meet.  Restaurants chosen are always posted in the Clubhouse and announced at Wednesday Coffees.  Join us next time -- October 17, 11:30 a.m. - Next restaurant to be announced soon.

Photos courtesy of  Dee Walter.

Labor Day Celebration at LJL

     An extraordinarily larger crowd than normal participated in the annual Labor Day celebration with a potluck/cookout and bag toss matchup.  Reportedly, 138 people participated in the event that was hosted by the HOA and chaired by Lou and Art Kollasch.  Music was provided by LJL musician-extraordinaire, Ken Scribner.  Bag Toss tournament was directed by Jim and Theresa Trasoline.  Thanks to our chefs and grill masters, too, for the hot dogs on the grill.

Chefs getting ready for the crowd.
In spite of a little rain, the party goes on!
A lttle horseplay until the meal is served.
So which comes first, the desserts or the main course ?
Seems there is a gathering at the sweets table first !
Ken is always there to provide his talent in music.
And the meal begins . . . 

Corn Hole Videos

The Slabaugh's Corn Hole Competition.
The Baker's Corn Hole Competition.
Photos and videos courtesy of Cindy Schlink and Dee Walter.

Bay Care Blood Drive at L J L . . . Thank you . . .

Thanks to the volunteers that gave a pint of life-saving blood to the recent blood drive sponsored by Bay Care and chaired by Joyce Stock.

Eight units of blood were collected and, hopefully, in the later fall, the blood drive will repeat.

Thanks from Bay Care for your blood donations.
Learn more from Polk County blood collections centers from the web connections listed here below:

The Big Red Bus

Bay Care Blood Center

American Red Cross

Just click on the links above.
Blood donor volunteer, Janice Adams, gets ready to have a 'draw' by registering with the Bay Care Blood Drive nurse.
Photos courtesy of Cindy Schlink.

L J L Residents Bid Fond Farewell

A crowd of Lake Juliana Landings residents gathered on Wednesday, August 15, to bid a bon voyage to seven-year employee and all-around handyman, Darrin King.  Darrin is leaving LJL and the Sunshine State for his former home in Ohio.

Darrin will be sorely missed due to his kindness, his cheerfulness, and always helpfulness to the residents LJL.

 "He was always so kind to us and pitched in wherever help was needed whether or not it was his job" stated a long-time resident of LJL.

We are so grateful to have had Darrin with us for the past seven years.  Wishing well to Darrin, he was presented with a special cake and a token gift from residents.  Darrin was also given a guitar at Christmastime by the residents and each person present today was able to sign his prized guitar.

Wishing you the best always, Darrin from your resident families of LJL.
Making an offering of thanks and appreciation, Barbara Roberts, upper left picture, presents Darrin King with a token going away present and a cake in his honor.

Darrin couldn't be smiling more as he displays his cherished guitar that was signed by the residents present on this day.
Below: Residents line up to sign Darrin's guitar.
Left:  Residents gather to honor Darrin.
Left:  LJLManager, Cindy; Mary, Office Manager; Darrin and Barbara ready for cake.
Always friendly, meek and mild-mannered and guitar strumming and biking and kayaking kind of guy, Darrin.  We will sincerely miss you. 
Thanks to (left to right) Joyce Stock, HOA President; Barbara and Ed Roberts, organizers; and Cindy Cuthill, LJL Sun Manager, who brought this event in honor of Darrin together.
Photos courtesy of Dee Walter and Cindy Schlink.

There's Always a Party at LJL . . .
         Ladies' Monthly Luncheon

Ladies' luncheons are held the third Wednesday every month year around.  And the 'party' starts at 11:30 a.m. usually in a different area restaurant every month.

You don't need an invitation because ALL LADY RESIDENTS of Lake Juliana Landings are invited.  Just sign up in the Clubhouse before the event date so that a total number of reservations can be made or call Susan Reedy to get your name on the list.

August's Luncheon was held at Hurricane Grill and Wings in Winter Haven.
Photos courtesy of Dee Walter.

Picture Collage from Fourth of July, 2018
        Art and Lou Kollasch, Chairpersons

Thanks to Art and Lou Kollasch and all the volunteers who made this July 4th dinner a success.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and Klondike bars were served.  Thanks to Ken Scribner who played music during dinner.  After dinner there was a corn hole tournament.  Entry was $1 with the top three winning money.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Baker.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo - 2018 -  L J L Style

     Nearly 90 LJL residents attended this year's Cinco de Mayo ... all enjoyed great homemade tacos with all the fixin's, chips with homemade salsa (thanks, Dan), iced tea/lemonade, and topped off with a Mexican cookie.

     A give-back of ticket price went to four lucky winners.  Special entertainment was Charlie Troeger and friends offering their rendition of the Mexican Hat Dance.

     Special thanks to our volunteers - Jean and Marty Erlenbaugh, chairs; Dan and Sandi Einsla; Dennis and Sue Wells, Cathy Retzer, Dee Walter, George and Shirley Cato, Al Peterson, and Shirley Tamlin.

​Photos courtesy of Ann Brown and Dee Walter; video by Dee Walter
Dennis awaiting his next assignment or is he eyeing the cookies?
     Lots of good, homemade, authentic Mexican food.  Tacos, tacitos (muy hot), premier Dan's salsa, tostistos, chips, and all the fixings to go along with an authentic Cinco de Mayo celebration ... of course, LJL style.
Your hosts
Jean and Marty Erlenbaugh
Dan's homemade salsa is always a hit at Cinco de Mayo.
Gearing up to feed the crowd.
Muy delicioso dulces !
He just had to wear
that hat !
There is always a lot of fun at Lake Juliana Landings . . . even when our northern neighbors head back north, there still are activities and many having a good time.

Of course, what event wouldn't happen without voluteers?  Thanks to Dennis and Sue, Dan and Sandi, George and Shirley C., Dee, Al, and Shirley T.
     For many Americans,
Cinco de Mayo means enjoying Mexican food and probably a few margaritas.

     Many think, however, that it's Mexico's Independence Day but it's not as their independence from France is celebrated of September 16.

     Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.
Ticket takers, Dan and Sandi, checking in Cindy. 
It's always a fun time at LJL events / never too serious !
Charlie called it a Mexican Hat Dance but others thought it was a Greek Wedding Dance - Kalamatiano - it was worth a try !
Pictured at left is LJL maintenance director, Darrin King, and bocci commissioner, George Bush, discussing the newly created bocci court in Phase II.

This new court enhances play on a regular sized and based court for the Saturday 9 a.m. play teams.

Former play was on plain grass with burned and dead grass areas.

New Bocci Ball Court Adds to Play

Large Group Opens New Docks for Summer Season

     Nearly 100 LJL residents, area Sun Communities' managers, area Sun Communities' HOA officers, Auburndale city and Chamber of Commerce dignitaries, and boat dock construction company personnel attended the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hurricane Irma damaged dock opening and replacement.

     LJL HOA president Joyce Stock along with former LJL HOA president Jerry Baker officially 'cut the ribbon' to open the newly reconstructed boat docks on Lake Juliana.

     LJL Manager Cindy Cuthill welcomed all to the ceremony.  Following the ribbon cutting, many ventured onto the dock area and inspected the construction.  Following the formal opening, a light lunch was served by LJL employees to the residents and guests all preceded with a welcome and congratulations by Auburndale Mayor Tim Pospichal.

Easter Sunday is Celebrated at LJL

     Over 100 Lake Juliana Landings neighbors and friends came together to celebrate Easter Sunday with a pitch-in afternoon lunch.  Ham was provided and many brought all the side dishes for the meal.

      Thanks to Robin and Les Travis for hosting this year's event.
Photos courtesy of Dee Walter

Annual Horse Animal Races are Out the Gate . . . 

Nearly all the animals are at their gates BUT we are missing one ... #6 - Mr. Ed ... was found later out in the pasture.
A friendly wager and parimutuel prizes gathered a lot of "tokens" for some.
A roll of the dice made the animals move on the track and head to the finish line.
First across the line in the 6th race, paying odds of 4:1 was #3, Ali Gator James. 
And back in the stable they went until another animal race is announced at Lake Juliana Landing Downs.
and in the 3rd race, Miss Bunny lost by a tail
Photos courtesy of Carol Mrdutt and Cindy Schlink

Erin go bragh, y'all . . .

so we celebrate Saint Paddy's Day LJL style.

Always a fun time at LJL . . . thanks to our hosts, Kathy and Chuck Retzer for hosting this year's Saint Paddy's Day meal (great homemade Irish stew) and followed by music of J K Crum and Partner (our Halloween music artists).  Nearly 60 attended this fun event.
Photos provided by Carpl Mrdutt

We Made a Pig of Ourselves at the Annual Pig Roast

Pig Roast masters, the head hogs, Thom and Sheila Cerwonka sponsored a great pig roast for 2018 ... for the non-pork people, chicken was also served.  Walt and Betty Bosma took tickets.
Of course, no meal can be served without a lot of kitchen help.  These our the kitchen piglets !
and a little Macarana to work off the dinner !
Then there was the laughter and conversations during dinner -- all waiting for the music to begin.
Photos provided by Susan Kovac

HOA Storage Building Arrives and is Installed

     Thanks to the 2017 Board of Directors and the HOA members, a new storage building was approved in 2017 and it arrived in January 2018.  Seen below is the preparation of the ground in the common Sun storage area for the unit, its arrival, setting in place, and the storage units' interior.  Extra storage was desperately needed as the closet in the Clubhouse is overrun by 'stuff' and the HOA has received and purchased lots of Christmas decorations.  Thanks to Alex Rado and Lee Kovac for working on this project ... and help, too, from Sun's Darrin.  Shelving was added for addtional storage in the building.

Photos courtesy of
Cindy Schlink

Stuff Stuffed into the New Shed . . .

HOA Gives Freebie Dance / Music Party

A fun and FREE night of dancing and music as provided by Yancy and Company was given back to 2018 HOA members as a thank you for joining this year.  Nearly 100 attended the evening's event.  A light dinner was served ($5 each) to the members, too.  Thanks to the HOA and Susan Kovac, Judy Baker, and Cindy Schlink for organizing the evening and to the 'chefs' Bob and Lee.

What's an event at LJL without food?
Our grill chefs, Lee and Bob, served up grilled chicken sandwiches with all the fixins' and topped off with lots of volunteer help in the kitchen.

Photographers Cindy Schlink and Lee Kovac

    New Year, New HOA Board   

2018 Brings New Year, New Challenges, New HOA Board

Newly elected HOA Board members, Jan Adams, Bo Howell, and Joyce Stock took office at the annual installation dinner.  Along with returning board members, Sandi Einsla, Lee Kovac, Art Kollasch, Les Travis, Alex Rado, and Dee Walter, they assumed their continuing roles on the Board.  Sandi continues as Treasurer, Les as Secretary, and Lee assumes the office of vice-president.

We wish the best to the new board.
Jerry Baker, retiring president, concludes his reign as the installation of new board begins.
Joyce Stock, incoming president, accepts bouquet of flowers of welcome from residents.
Nearly 100 residents assembled to enjoy a chicken dinner before the installation of the 2018 board begins.  Dinner was served by dinner chairs, Kathy Retzer and Linda Dominick.
Dee Walter, photographer

  New Years Bash - 2017 into 2018  

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
Photos courtesy of
Jerry Baker

LJL HOA Holiday Party with Santa's Elf and Winter Haven High School Orchestra

          It all began with a delicious dinner served by the HOA Board members to the 175 HOA members to celebrate the holiday season.  The LJL Choir under the baton of Barbie Scribner performed Christmas songs for the crowd and additonal music was provided by Ken Scribner.  Following dinner, an elf from the North Pole provided gifts of goodies and gift certificates to the lucky winners.  
          The evenings' program continued with a seasonal celebration of music provided by the WHHS String Orchestra.

          A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped the evening to be a successful event.  Special thanks to the chairpersons Susan Kovac and Judy Baker.

Lake Juliana Landings' Christmas Parade

Twenty Santa's elves decorated their 'sleighs' for the annual LJL Christmas Parade.

After the parade, over 80 residents gathered for Wassail and a gift exchange.
     Pretty Christmas wrapped gifts . . . but wait !   What you see on the outside may not be what's on the inside . . . 50 gifts were exchanged among the partiers.  Lots of smiles for what was inside the packages . . . it's always a gag-gift Christmas.
   Kathy and Chuck Retzer always providing fun for LJL residents.

Santa's Elves Make Their Way to Lake Juliana Landings

Many elves made it from the North Pole to Auburndale to set up Christmas lights for residents of LJL.  
Chief Elves directing traffic.
Safety is never a concern for elves.  They have Medicare !
Inexperienced elves trying to set up a reindeer ...
six elves, one reindeer !
Here's the 11 foot blowup reindeer that wasn't !  He never made it off the ground.

But afterward, it all came together . . .

The Dukes Return

     The DooWoop returned to LJL on Friday, November 17, with The Dukes performing music from the 50's and 60's.  Nearly 100 residents danced and partied from 7 to 10.  This was an LJL HOA fund raiser for Christmas decorations.  Almost $1,000 was generated at the event.  Thanks to all that attended.
50/50 was a big event ... thanks George (he was so excited to draw the winning tickets), Linda, and Susan, the master of ceremony.

A Day of Honor and Glory at LJL
Veterans' Day 2017

     Ninety residents and guests joined together to honor our miliitary men and women who have served to protect our country and who ensure our freedom.  A special luncheon was served beginning with a blessing on our military currently serving and those veterans who were present this day.  Each veteran was presented with a thank you card as each branch of service was recognized.  Following the luncheon, Taps was played to remind us of those of long ago that have gone before us to serve and protect.  Throughout the meal, Ken Scribner, LJL musical master, provided patriotic music.
  1. Managing Director
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  8. Managing Director
 Patriotic music throughout
 the event was offered by    
 LJL resident Ken Scribner.  
   Petty Officer John Tamlin   
(right) began the event with 
Six-Bell Navy salute.            
   Vern, a 96 year young,       
 World War II veteran was    
      especially honored.         
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
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  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
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  8. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
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  3. Managing Director

2017 Halloween Party -- What a Blast !!

If you didn't attend this year's Halloween party, you missed lots of fun in costume or not !  Thanks to Kathy and Chuck Retzer for hosting ... prizes were given away for best costume, funniest, scariest, etc.  Over 60 costumed LJL neighbors enjoyed the snacks and beverages along with dancing and singing of a remarkable duo, J K Crum and Partner.  Check out all the costumed and partiers for the night below.  Also, a couple of videos are below, too.
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Best Costume - Miscellaneous

Best Costume - Funniest

Best Costume - Scariest

Best Costume - Sexist

Best Costume -Most Original

Best Costume -Overall

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You will glad to know that this singing duo returns for Saint Patrick's Day Party !

2017 Craft Bazaar Pictures and Article

Bazaar Photo Collection

Irma Hurls Through LJL

September 10-11, 2017 - Hurricane Irma made its way through Polk County and the eye of Irma came right through Lake Juliana Landings.  Here are pictures courtesy of Dee and Jim Walter of the damage to property at LJL.  Click the button below to exit our website and view the photo collection.
Irma Photo Collection

Celebrating Labor Day at Lake Juliana Landings

Labor Day Photo Album = Click Here

Life is Always a Party at l J L -- Patio Party, August 2017

It's another party at LJL ... August Patio Party with a meal and music by DJ Carl.  Over 80 residents attended and enjoyed pulled pork sandwiches with all the BBQ fixes thanks to Smokin' Jim's House of Bar-B-Q, Auburndale.  It all started at 4 pm and went into the wee hours of the night (oh, it was 8 pm).  Thanks to Linda Dominck and Donna Cooper for heading up the event.

Special thanks to all the setup, kitchen and clean up crews plus our DJ Carl and his crew.
  1. Managing Director
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  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director

Slow Dance,
Line Dance, and
Rock n Roll made the night a success and lots of fun.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
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Dancin' the night away !
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  8. Managing Director
Even the kitchen helpers had a great time serving Smokin' Jim's Bar-B-Q pulled pork and all the fixin's.

A little rain outside didn't dampen the spirit inside the Clubhouse.
Oh, the fun went on and on !

Enjoy the dance videos with DJ Carl leading the way.

Call them VanGogh, Rembrandt, Picasso, or Artists Extraordinaire -
These are the Artists of LJL !

Over 45 "budding" men and women artists took part in the first ever ... Wine and Canvas Event at LJL.
Above is the expected outcome by all the artists !
On left, Artist/Teacher Robin Osburn with Cindy Schlink giving final touch instructions.  
Above, Debbie Druckenmiller is having a great time !

Check out our video . . .

Our video above and the 'finished' artistic works below - - - - 

Annual Valentine's Prime Rib Dinner and Dance Party . . . Great Food and a Sea of Red !
The "Snowbirds" entertained for the evening.
As always, our 'home town' chef, Chef Susan, comes through again for a great meal.  Everyone enjoyed the 'get together' with their sweeties for Valentine's Day.
Chef Susan checking the roasts ! >>>>>>