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LJL HOA Files Complaint with Sun Communities, Inc.

      In 1999, the State of Florida permitted Sun Communities to make changes to or additions to its prospectuses numbered P1 and P2.  The rules addition or update included Rule 16 which stipulates that Sun Communities, Inc. set guidelines for yard waste pick up in Lake Juliana Landings Mobile Home Park.  The portion of Rule 16 follows below:

      “The re shall be no burning of trash, leaves, or other materials within the Community.  Grass cuttings, leaves, trimmings and other debris must be placed in containers adequate for pickup. Cuttings such as limbs must be cut into (3) three foot sections and tied. Pickup will be on designated days only.  Yard refuse generated on other than designated days must be placed directly in dumpster by the resident.  All trash removal such as furniture, rugs, etc., is the responsibility of the resident.”

     However, in mid- to late-2017, Sun Communities discontinued yard waste pickup all without proper written notice to the LJL HOA and LJL residents as required by Florida law.  Therefore, the LJL HOA has filed a complaint with Sun Communities to re-institute the pick up of yard waste.  The discontinuing of yard waste pickup without correct notification to residents is in violation of Florida Statute 723 which protects residents of mobile home / manufactured home parks in Florida.

     The formal complaint letter from LJL HOA's legal team of Clayton & McCulloh to Sun's regional manager, Ms. Dawn Roller, and Sun's President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. John B. McLaren, can been seen with the link below marked "HOA Complaint Document".

     The HOA is expected to have a reply from Sun Communities, Inc. and, as residents, you will be notified and copied those responses.  Until the complaint is settled, please continue to deliver your yard waste personally to the bin in the LJL storage area.

     The complete set of 1999 rules that still apply to all of Lake Juliana Landings is posted in the Pool / Billiards Room of the Phase I Clubhouse and/or should be included in your own home's prospectus provided to you when you purchased your home in Lake Juliana Landings.
HOA Complaint Document

Special Note from the FMO to all Sun Community Brokered Home Buyers

     The following article appeared in the May 2019 FMO (Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida) newsletter.  It pertains to home buyers in Sun Communities throughout the state of Florida and elsewhere.

     If you have EVER purchased a home from Sun Communities and NOT from an outside realtor or privately from the seller, the FMO is asking that buyers check their purchase agreements for charges for "Home Prep" or "Inspection Fee" to see if you were charged for such item.

     If so, please notify the HOA for further information as the FMO is seeking input for a possible Class Action Suit against Sun Communities regarding these 'fees'.

      Following the April meeting of the FMO Sun Communities Workshop, the FMO started getting more reports brokered home sales by Sun Homes where a fee of $300 to $700 was charged to the buyer labeled as a “Home Prep” or "Inspection" fee. Many buyers are now questioning the validity of this charge.  LJL charges seem to be around $399.

     The FMO is carefully monitoring this situation and will be interested in Sun’s response in communities where residents are organizing to ask for collective refunds. As was brought out at the FMO meeting, at least one Sun community has already been promised refunds in full. An attorney has indicated interest if a sufficient number of buyers want to pursue it. If you believe that your HOA would be interested in seeking compensation for buyers, or you would like your HOA added to the list seeking assistance, let your Board of Directors hear from you.

                          --- extracted and paraphrased from the May 2019 FMO Newsletter
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